July 25, 2011

Send a Cow?

With the Somalian "famine" all over the news, it gets me really thinking about how incredibly lucky I am to be born in Canada.
It has me really thinking about what REAL problems are... mine are on a completely different and comparatively miniscule level.
War and Starvation are not among them.

...nor is waiting in line for days, having left my home due to violence and drought, all my worldy possesions in a pile at the feet and baby on my back. Hoping to get into a refugee camp that has raised 3 generations.

A friend posted this video on the organization called SEND A COW.
It is certainly not a direct help to the refugees in Dadaab, Kenya - "the city that should never have been".. Now home to 300,000 refugees.

However, I feel that this project will truly have the butterfly affect and just spread like a weed! a good weed. Throughout Africa.

a video on a send a cow recipient, passing on the gift:

" a hand up not a hand out"

July 12, 2011

Attie's Cardboard home!

Since Attie has been using the dog house for a hut, I thought she would like one of her own!!

here's her new home!

she loves it!


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