July 31, 2012

new batch of soap


Soapy soaping.

 forest floor,  Chamomile/Oatmeal (the circles) and Rose Lavender tea treee 
(what were we going to call that one, Kristen?)

Silicone molds rock.

this one will be nice in the bath, for sensitive skin or babies.

Chunky goodness!

July 27, 2012

{ This moment }

Today I'm joining Amanda at SouleMama for {this moment}

{this moment} - A Friday ritual. A single photo - no words - capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember.

July 25, 2012

Bread & Butter Pickles with HONEY!


 The garden exploded with glorious cucumbers!
Mostly marketmore, but a few little heirloom miniature whites.
...Calendula buds too.

So that means pickle time

Around here, we really like the sweet bread and butter pickles. 
The usual pickle recipe I go by is my auntie Bernie's Refrigerator pickles
I have little space in my fridge tho, so we go for canning this time!

Found a really great recipe that uses HONEY instead of sugar!!
So good,
as there is a lot of sweet in these babies.

 ~ pretty pickles ~

...listening for that pop, pop, pop  sound that brings joy to your heart...

Here be the recipe 

Taken from this lovely old wonder found at a garage sale. 
not sure when it was published but my guess would be 1973!
Its a great local foods cookbook with all kinds of DIY food type information,
like make your own cheese, yogurt, saskatoon wine,...  

 Here's one of the best pages in the book:

Are you putting any garden foods by right now??

~ Peace, love and pickles to all ~

July 21, 2012

Swimming pool - just what we needed.

These days its been hovering around +32 ish.  Too hot to enjoy outside.  

That is unless you are chilling in a pool!!

I am 38 weeks preggers now!  Which means any day babe will come.

I enjoy shade, feet chilling in pools and just hanging out with Attie - watching her run to and fro.

I don't enjoy craaazy hotness.

Atlin enjoys fresh garden cucumbers and peas!
Thank goodness cuz there are soo many! 

Chow down, little.


hydro therapy.

.... and then I find her in the rain catcher tub!

I've been chilling out without modivation or energy to do much of anything these days! 
This includes blogging.  

I'm just a half-assed blogger!  
making peace with it.

July 4, 2012

Rhubarb Juice

Rubarb season is among us.
Here is how to make and can a refreshing drink concentrate from Rhubarb!

Comes from the book "Putting Food By" by Ruth Hertzberg, Beatrice Vaughan and Janet Greene
This is a really good old resource to have around.

"...it was the main ingredient of a hill-country wedding punch in the olden days..."  
what a lovely thought.  If I have a wedding someday, 
hopefully I remember that I want rhubarb punch!!

"Wash and trim fresh young red rhubarb, but do not peel. Cover the bottom of the kettle with 1/2 inch of water and add rhubarb cut in 1/2 inch pieces. Bring to simmering and cook gently until soft - about 10 minutes. Strain through a jelly bag. Reheat juice adding 1/4 cup sugar to each 4 cups of juice to hold the flavor. Simmer only until sugar is dissolved...
Hot Pack in jars. Pour simmering juice into hot sterilized jars, leaving only 1/8 inch headroom. Cap and seal immediately (option: jars may be given a short boiling water bath to ensure seal)" 

of course you can substitute with other sweeteners, agave would be nice.

I didn't have a jelly bag or cheese cloth, 
which would've been more efficient to use instead of a sieve. 

It is a bit concentrated, so add water to taste when consuming.

Beautyful color!

Good for your teeth.
I didn't make nearly enough!

PS- you don't have to can it if you are not into that kind of thing... 
This batch lasted 3 days!

But it would be handy if you were to make a very large batch.

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