February 19, 2011

Atlin's new buddy

I think its kind of neat, she has taken a liking to my old cabbage patch kid! Murial is the name.

Murial Moss Nordin

She also now enjoys removing all contents of the toy shelf and/or kitchen cupboards to climb in there with Murial!

or simply to read a good book!

I guess i can see why she'd like this space. its her height and size!
a great spot to forget the worries of the day and just chill.

Her next favorite spot to hang out is atop the willow kitchen pantry
(with a little help from dadd)

February 17, 2011

more on Hyden's Quilt (and a book review)

I stumbled upon this book online one day:

Handmade Beginnings by Anna Maria Horner

and ordered it to my local library,
but I think I will buy it because it has some really great and basic patterns.

For instance, toddler pants, a couple quilts, baby booties, a birdie mobile,
pregnancy shirts for momma, a diaper bag for dad, a dolly...

It actually has a pocket at the back with patterns in it that you trace!

So here is the quilt that I am making:

I just love how colorful it is!

the illustrations are easy to follow.

this is the next project...

now, to get on that quilt!

February 11, 2011

Hyden's quilt beginnings

i am making a quilt for a baby who is not quite here yet...
tis going to be colorful!
i have cut and sewn same-ish color strips together to make them 60" long

then i am making these panels
three of them.

two are 30" by 60",
one is 27" by 60"

Atlin is helping.

then we need to go for a little walk...

And then i get sidetracked and she's had enough.

things just take a bit longer when ya have a little helper.

but life is so much more colorful and joyous with this little to share it with!

February 8, 2011


Sprouting used to make me nervous.

I wanted so badly to have fresh sprouts at home, but thought it was only for the Very smart and handy folks

.... until I got a sprouting kit made by a good friend, Katie -a sprouting genius. That explained it all and dissolved the mystery!

so, in the end, it is an easy task! Who knew.

and SO nutritious. they contain so many vitamins and minerals, proteins, iron, fiber... AND are easily digested by our bodies.

This handy dandy chart if from good sprout news.
They've loads of information on just how grreat sprouts are for us.

We get all the energy from the whole plant in this tiny little package.

In winter, it is the freshest veggie we're going to find in southern Saskatchewan!!

this is a basic way to sprout:

1) find seeds.

i get mine from
mumms sprouting seeds out of Parkside, Saskatchewan.

2) find a big mason jar, a thick elastic and a 4" by 4" chunk of screen (window screen?)

3) put about a tablespoon of sprouting seed in the jar, cover with about a cup of water, let them soak for about 4-6 hours or over night.

4) rinse and drain

the water the seeds were sitting in is energized and good for your house plants, So water them!

5) let your jar with seeds sit diagonally in or near a window.

I let mine sit in a one of my plant's pot:

or propped inside of a square tupperware container:

6) rinse and drain every day, in about 3-5 days they should be ready for eating!


a baby bead

While i was pregnant, i asked all my friends and family to find a bead or piece of some nature bit which resides near you to add to a mobile that i will make for my baby.
They did send me all kinds of beautyful bits and I did make that mobile, and it is an awesome tribute to community.
To mostly the far away folks, their love resides in Atlin's room.
there are home made beads, special beads, birch bark creations, shells, corals, a broach from my grandma, a handmade equadorian seed mobile, driftwood from our first ocean trip, seeds from our great grandparents homestead in saska, feather beaded northern handywork,
all sorts of treasures.

a piece of art made by many hands! some of the peices came with a wish for this baby girl which is infused in their addition to make it even more special.
this picture doesn't do it justice, but ya get the idea!

can you see your trinket? :0)

additions can certainly be added if you want to send something ;0)

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