November 24, 2014

Hello Mr Washington!

its been a while.
and how many blog posts have i started with this?!
here i be
because i have something tangible to share with you

its Nahko BEAR!

They've a great message,  medicine for the people is accurate.  The energy they exude is contagious!    Listening to them these days has filled me with hope and positivity. 

its daaaaaamn good


here, start with this fun:

my guitar and i've been jammin wit dem tonight :)
how i wish theyd play near me!

here's a gooder for next:


I'll see you soon :)

September 12, 2014

fall garden

its getting cold outside.  too cold infact, for the vegetables

these days are filled with seed collecting, herb drying, carting vegetables around, looking thru cook books for pickle recipes...

leaves are falling off the trees

crispness fills the lungs when we go for walks

Three days ago I pulled out most of my garden.. 
salvaged the tomatoes, zuchs, cukes, squash, corn and the one eggplant!
here's some of the fruits:

nice big brandywine tomato.

 medieval purple carrots and good sized beets.

collecting tomato seeds for next year
 here's how:

ONE beautyful eggplant!!
I'm not crazy about eggplant, however I think its a beautyful thing to watch grown!
babaganoush or eggplant parmesan?

Onions drying

a pile of tomatoes to turn red...
the red pile will turn into salsa tomoro!

 one batch of canned tomatoes..  

This pure apple juice is from neigbor's apple tree!  
sooo yum. 
I just froze it tho cuz not sure how or if you can can pure apple juice. anyone know?

Ava in the calendula patch.
then we picked all the flowers.
to make salve!

the Corn and calendula princess!

 a bit of summers end chaos in the greenhouse.
drying calendula, peas for seed, cukes waiting to get the seed sucked out, lettuce seeds, tomatoes ready for seed sucking...

exploding seed tomato berries
aka sweet million

July 29, 2014

growing goodness!!!

the garden.
we've been harvesting.
peas, beans, greens, chard, zuchs, raspberries, herbs...
and heaps of relaxation and meditation.
it is full of happiness.
loaded with Okay-ness.
it is an art piece.
when i walk in, i feel the worlds worries
slooooowww to a stop.
and all thats left is gifts
and joyful maintenance.

This year i am happy to be sharing it with my lovely new neighbor.
and her family

here's a tour:

Cute and patient baby watching us garden   :)

 i absolutely love pea season!  
not one will make it in the freezer unfortunately, cuz if Attie hasnt picked and eaten it fresh,
then one of us others have!  
Also make great road snacks.

little pea shelling operation

3 different kinds of beans!  only 2 shown here...

purple turns green when cooked

this heirloom variety- calypso- is a little black and white yin yang when dried!

my neighbor and gardening partner - Emma!  
tasting a calypso green bean

Raspberries are ready!!!

the children are managing the patch.

good job guys :)

we've had a few cukes! 
I've learned that they like climbing
and do very well when you pinch off the side runners and just keep one strong vein.

Silverbeet swiss chard!  
so yum.
(especially steamed with grated carrots, cubed tomatoes, onions, garlic 
and eggs cracked on top to poach - lid on...mmmmm)

sweet peppers of varying varieties in the greenhouse

batches and batches of calendula to dry and make salve
smells gorgeous
easy on the eyes too!

new lettuce
to replace bolted stuff
there are many lettuce patches around the yard,
just love having fresh greens - 
the only reason winter sucks is no fresh greens.

my lil fairys of the green


July 25, 2014

{this moment}

I am joining Soulemama
A Friday ritual.   A single photo - no words - capturing a moment from the week. 
A simple, special, extraordinary moment.     A moment I want to pause, savor and remember. 
If you're inspired to do the same, leave a link to your 'moment' in the comments.

July 11, 2014

a year in pictures..

its been a while.
i wanna blog again, not sure where to start or how to explain the last year, so heres some pix!


 winter friends!  
Attie out at her best buds farm

 Winter was cold as hell, a few almost good days to play out...

  Mama's got new wheels!
my Christmas gift to myself for gettin thru shit!

Attie takes Ava on kicksled rides!

 This new friend warmed the winter up for us all  ;)

Trips all over the province rejuvenate my adventurous spirit, 
and at the same time remind me why I love my small town!
Me and little A on a Saskatoon walk

Family winter jam in a barn loft!
my paw's birthday party

Attie turned four in February!
acting like a grown up girlie!!
"its my birthday, i'm allowed to eat icing right off the cake.." 

 and then things started to melt and warm
watching rivers running set my mind free 

My little Spring pixie on a crisp April walk


 babes baking some brownie balls!

Took a lovely little trip to the mountains 
 Fernie, BC
needed to feel clear fresh creeks and smell mountain air.

planting seeds with my great gal pal

 planted too many seeds!
needed to put up greenhouse again ;)

the day we got this old canoe on the water was a glorious one

this hospital.
spent my winter inside watching bare framed walls get filled with plumbing and electrical, 
then drywall paint, millork, flooring...

it turned into a real nice place!
and i am done spending time in there now!

I quit my job! (well, got laid off...)
I am a free womyn!

and now i get to hang out with my kids!
and make soap n stuff

made my first batch of soap in a year!

my big girl hangin with at the chickens who's eggs we eat!

picnics at the Trossachs dam

and hikes
this is my favorite place around here!

Trossachs dam

now its full summer and beach days.
the smell and feel of this beach (Good spirit,SK)
reminds me of my childhood

lil bubba growing in the garden

big sister really starting to understand what the garden does...
managing her "strasberry" patch very nicely!


 I have no idea where the hell this adventurous road is going...

however, its fun and hard and great.


"it will be okay in the end
and if its not?
then its not the end!"

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