September 15, 2010

its corn harvesting season! i picked most of mine and now am going to get to work freezing it!
it is supposed to freeze here tonight so i picked all the zuchinni, corn, cucumbers and spaghetti squash.

this is Adolf Nordin and Dorothy Dahlberg , my grandparents (on the left), my grandpa's sisters beside....oh! i just noticed another girl hiding in the corn! wow, can you see her? its gotta be another sister.

I love how old photos are almost always taken out doors! i guess because they didn't have flashes?

even in the winter...

this one was labeled "courting days"

lookit my dad gettin wood from the pile!
so cute.
I can't wait until my daughter is getting wood from the pile.

simple details of day to day life, the clothes on the line...
some of those look like diapers

this looks like hard work!
chuking those huge heavy bales up into the hayloft

this barn is still standing strong on our farm.
the cat's always had their kittens up there.
and, my auntie had her wedding dance up there! how AAwesome is THAT!?

Here's gramma and grampa with the foundation of the barn

oh, how I wish i could just zoom bak to then, to see what its like to live simply and sustainably.
to see what community is really like.
back when people were more important than things...
when work was just as fun as play because you were surrounded by your friends and family thru it all!

September 8, 2010

Groovy Dancing Girl

you like-a da beanziz

Blanching of the beanziz night.

wash and cut
it was 10:06 as you can see. in the pm.

blanche for 2 minutes then quickly dunk in cold water...
now its 10:15

i did this while listening to Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert, on DVD. Unfortunately, the only reading i have time for nowadays is to have someone read to me! works fine. the woman has a nice voice.

Just read the part where she was talking about how every city has a word. A word that its inhabitants think about often.

She said that, to her New York's word was: achieve.
and Rome's word was: sex
I think Rome's not the only city who's word is 'Sex'...
what would your city/town's word be?

lets think... sometimes i find it easier to make 2 or more words:

Dawson City, YT: exist how you are
Whitehorse, YT: active winter
Vancouver: mountain hip
Saskatoon: flow cavort
Winnnipeg: middle artsy
Canora, SK: Perogy flats

homework for you:
1. think of a word or phrase for your town/city/area
2. think of a word for yourself...

oh here's a story about beanziz.
told to my by a friend in whitehorse:

him and his buddys, while travelling in Mexico ended up getting invited to a part at the end of the night. turned out to be a bunch of burly, rough lookin, biker type mexicans. He was feeling quite out of place there and maybe wondering if they should be there at all.
Got in a conversation with one of the mexican guys over some beers and asked him what he thought about the really white canadians hanging out drinking with them.
This is what the burly Mexican man said:
"I come from a woman, you come from a Woman, I like tha beanziz, you like-a tha beanziz, We Are the same! "

doesn't that just sum it all up...
thanx for the story, D#2.

September 6, 2010

bread n balls

it was fabric ball and bread making day today.
i've been meaning to make a ball for a long time. here's how it turned out:

the pieces are all shaped like this:

Atlin thought it was alright...

not quite as interesting as headphone wires though.

September 5, 2010

Train Song by Charlie Hope

oh boy
here is a GREAT song, made for children, by Charlie Hope.
She is a wonderful songwriter/singer and was nominated for a juno, as well as a bunch of other awards. more importantly, she grew up in toronto and boston
and has beautiful, fresh sounds for kids and adults. checkit:

its zuchinni season! here's an extra large one who just kinda happened without me noticing...
my favorite things to do with zuchinni:

-bake/fry it in a tomato sauce, cheese melted on top

-fritters! or pancakes

-blend it up and make soup

- sneak them into people's strollers/purses

-grate it up and freeze it for a hungry winter day

-hit people and dogs with it

-use it as a chair

least favorite thing to do with:

-zuchinni bread. didn't work, but i suppose i should try again, its okay if i waste some as there are many!

here we are sawing the thing down!

I truly think Zucchini can feed the world!

If you plant 3 plants, you will have too much for yourself, and it is far better fresh than frozen.
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