May 27, 2010


i am erin.

I have a daughter named Atlin Dorothy
here she is with her dad and my love, Steve:

This is the house that we three live in for now:

its right near the river which was my one prerequisite when we were looking for a house here.
the river is called the South Saskatchewan.
it meets up with the north sask river and flows into Manitoba
someday soon we will canoe down it.

our last house looked like this:
thats my dad there. he was visiting us in the Yukon where this house is located. It had a wood cook stove! which I just loved to cook on during the cold or rainy days.
its a dwelling with walls who have stories.

chop wood, listen to fire, carry water, go to sleep when it gets dark or try to read by lantern light.

oh ya, we have 2 doggies,
they are senior citizens.
freedom and rio:
one's a train hopper from Georgia and the other came from a fisherman on Vancouver island

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