September 5, 2010

its zuchinni season! here's an extra large one who just kinda happened without me noticing...
my favorite things to do with zuchinni:

-bake/fry it in a tomato sauce, cheese melted on top

-fritters! or pancakes

-blend it up and make soup

- sneak them into people's strollers/purses

-grate it up and freeze it for a hungry winter day

-hit people and dogs with it

-use it as a chair

least favorite thing to do with:

-zuchinni bread. didn't work, but i suppose i should try again, its okay if i waste some as there are many!

here we are sawing the thing down!

I truly think Zucchini can feed the world!

If you plant 3 plants, you will have too much for yourself, and it is far better fresh than frozen.

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