October 7, 2010

our own space in this world


this is the house number on the house which is going to belong to us tomorrow.

we are buying it!!
what a great thing it will be to own a home. ours.
no more paying off other people's mortgages!!
yippidee doo da.
home sweet.
i can paint the walls what ever shade of white i choose!
i can put orange shag carpet all through er if i so please!
we can paint the thing some fluorescent shade of pink...

what would the small townians think.
i guess we should do it just for shock value.

lookit that nice bright room!
what color should we paint overtop of that wall panelling?

I am feeling like chopping a hole in that wall to make it open into the kitchen.
or just fill that wall with bookshelves...
that will probably be more what will happen...
books everywhere. and plants.

this was the selling point. what a knob. i was taken aback!
that and the fact that i could have bought it on my visa. small town sask is cheeeap!

so if your ready, hold on to your hats, cuz here we GO!!! wooo hooo!


Beth said...

Erin! Your house! SO exciting! I have envy... and a desire to help you paint!!! Sending you good thoughts and wishes... can´t wait to visit!

erinleee said...

you helped me paint my camper house, remember? by singing all the songs in that songbook i found at the dump... the walls were full of music!

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