February 8, 2011

a baby bead

While i was pregnant, i asked all my friends and family to find a bead or piece of some nature bit which resides near you to add to a mobile that i will make for my baby.
They did send me all kinds of beautyful bits and I did make that mobile, and it is an awesome tribute to community.
To mostly the far away folks, their love resides in Atlin's room.
there are home made beads, special beads, birch bark creations, shells, corals, a broach from my grandma, a handmade equadorian seed mobile, driftwood from our first ocean trip, seeds from our great grandparents homestead in saska, feather beaded northern handywork,
all sorts of treasures.

a piece of art made by many hands! some of the peices came with a wish for this baby girl which is infused in their addition to make it even more special.
this picture doesn't do it justice, but ya get the idea!

can you see your trinket? :0)

additions can certainly be added if you want to send something ;0)

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