February 17, 2011

more on Hyden's Quilt (and a book review)

I stumbled upon this book online one day:

Handmade Beginnings by Anna Maria Horner

and ordered it to my local library,
but I think I will buy it because it has some really great and basic patterns.

For instance, toddler pants, a couple quilts, baby booties, a birdie mobile,
pregnancy shirts for momma, a diaper bag for dad, a dolly...

It actually has a pocket at the back with patterns in it that you trace!

So here is the quilt that I am making:

I just love how colorful it is!

the illustrations are easy to follow.

this is the next project...

now, to get on that quilt!

1 comment:

YukonTara said...

what a beautiful quilt! can't wait to see your version.

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