March 28, 2011

Moon time.

I just started bleeding today.
i am on the rag,
have my moon time,
auntie flow is visiting,
the curse is upon me,
its my time of the month,
I got my period,
i am menstruating,
at the start of my cycle.

and MAN am I happy about it!
I have been an absolute mess emotionally the last couple days. Feeling hungry but bloated and ugly! Whenever I find myself feeling like this, I just hope and pray that its all due to the cycle.

All the sorrow, stale energy, held anger, accumulated during the last cycle will flow out...




leaving a me in a fresh, cleansed state!
So appreciative to be a womyn who gets this natural mind and body cleanse each 28 or so days.

An excellent and pretty tool to track the cycle : cycle beads.
Its like a necklace with different colored beads and a little rubber ring which you move every day. You begin the first day of your period/cycle on the red bead so that when you reach the white beads you know that ovulation is near or upon you!

I have only been on birth control pills for about one year total for all my 31 yrs so far... not a huge fan. I think the hormonal goings on inside my body is a delicate dance and needs to be left alone! However, I understand that BCP's can actually help with things like depression, so who knows really.

We pretty much go by the rhythm method (cycle beads help) . Being very careful with contact during the ovulating days. I bought a basal thermometer fully planning on trying the sympto-thermal method. Never got a "round tuit"... This would bring the rhythm method more validity. Women say that after charting their sympto-thermal charts for a while, they can just tell when they are ovulating.

About 8 yrs ago, a friend gave me a cloth pad with froggies on it, and ever since then, I have literally been on the rag. Hooked. Its comfortable, not wasteful, and allows the blood to just flow as opposed to being held in a sponge lodged up inside. I do use the odd o.b. in a pinch.

I have not fully given the diva cup a good chance. had one once long ago, and I liked it, but somehow forgot about it? lost it? aanyhoo, I do know women who love it. I remember thinking that it felt more like a plug than a cup...

Here is a Great tutorial about making cloth pads, and another

I like to make myself a new one every couple times of months.

here's how to make a simple one in writing:

- take a disposable pad that you like the size of and trace it on a piece of flannel. make it bigger than the pad by about 1/2 inch all around.

- cut out 2 of these

- cut out another one or 2 rectangles just a little bit smaller than the pad, these will fit inside the two outer pieces.

- sew the two outer pieces together along the outside edges, right sides together... leaving the bottom open.

- flip them right side out and place the rectangle bits inside, sew up and down as you please.

- sew some little velcro peices on the flaps (cut the sharp corners off as they can rub and be uncomfortable when wearing it)

- sew the bottom closed with a blind stitch.

boom, yer done. wear your new soft pad you made for yourself!

one could also use fleece on one side for a nice thick night time pad.

so what feminine products do you prefer? what about birth control?


YukonTara said...

i used to chart my cycle. i recommend the book "taking charge of your fertility".

i love my diva cup! although i guess i'm going to have to get a new one after baby comes? they sell two sizes. the larger size is suppsed to be for women over 30, or women who've had babies. i also love cloth pads and need to stock up over the next few months...i can't imagine using the cup right after childbirth!

Elza said...

What an interesting post! Especially the bit about the cycle beads. I would love to have a necklace like this. I stopped taking the pill about 3 months before we started to try conceiving. At that time we were not using any contraception but were still not trying, so it was the perfect time for me to get to know my body better, which I did with temperature charts. It was really unpractical to take my temperature every morning but I am so glad I did it because now I don't need to do it anymore, I have learnt (through the chart) to recognise the signs my body gives me.
I have a Mooncup that I have used a lot in the past but since I had a miscarriage it just doesn't feel right to "plug myself". I now use disposable sanitary towels. I would like to make and use washable ones but I am not sure how to wash the blood off them effectively. How do you do it?
By the way, I found you at the One Hook Wonder swap comments page, I am also participating!

erinleee said...

ooh! i am so excited about the one hook wonder swap! just trying to decide what to make... For washing cloth pads, I just soak them for a bit in water (or not even) and throw them in the washing machine! They are a tad bit stained, but not as much as you'd think. and it really doesnt matter what they look like, its not often you'll be showing them off!! hehe. they are so soft.

Elza said...

Ok, you have convinced me to try washables pads. I think I have even got a pattern somewhere. Let's get to work!

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