March 31, 2011

yoga practise.

Yoga is quickly becoming very common in the western world. I was introduced to it about 5 yrs ago when our small northern town (dawson city) was lucky enough to have a very wonderful teacher come up and do some 2 week intensives.

He started with relaxation and pranayama (breath work), then sun salutations, the asanas, and a lovely meditation to end it.

I can still hear him saying "...relax your ongles, my ongles are completely relax..." in his indian accent. Such a soothing voice.

At the end when we were relaxing and going into meditation "... your mind is like a calm lake..." love that, I use that one all the time.

On the very first day, after we learned sun salutations, (a lot of us brand new to yoga) he said "okay, now we will do headstand!" haha, we were all thinkin - ya right!
but, after about 3 days - a week, almost all of us were doing headstands! It was a really good intro to yoga.

and now it is a tool I am very glad to have and I use quite often.

Having a small child and a partner who works long hours means that going to a regular yoga class is not very realistic. This little town (radville) features a wonderful yoga class which I just recently attended and loved. So I will go as much as possible.
most days, when the body feels sore, I turn to the yogatoday channel on utube!!
I do a few sun salutations first and then pick a little snippet video to do. It gets me going.

Here is my favorite one, the hips just tingle with fresh energy for hours after!

shanti shanti shanti
peace peace peace

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