April 2, 2011

cutie pants

Attie has some new pants,
because some motivation passed my way this morning.

These particular pants are made from a brown linen skirt I got for one dollar at a thrift store.
The ankles are elastic'd because she is learnin to walk these days
and I don't want her to trip on her new big pants.

I love making kiddles pants.
They're take very little time and fabric with such cute results.

here are some pants we made for our little buddy Fynn:

he gets a little moose.

There are some wonderful tutes about making pants.

Here are Solveig's "10 minute trousers" at Randomness by Petchy.

Here is Amber's free pattern for baby pants at Make Baby Stuff.com

And Rae's great Basic Newborn Pant tutorial at MAde by rae.
also her tutorial for tights.
She's selling an awesome pattern for Big butt baby pants. Perfect for cloth diaperers!

cheers to baby butts.

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