April 4, 2011


yay for planting seeds.

We dragged out all the various containers I saved from last and passed years.
soil, peat, sand and vermiculite.

here's what attie's up to whilst I prepare the containers...
sensory heaven for her.

put the mix in the containment devices

umm, getting progressively dirtier and looking rather mischievous...

but very happy!!

This here's wild blue flax seeds, a native wildflower. They had to be stratified (go through a cold spell - ei.refrigerator) and scarified.
(rubbed between sandpaper or soaked in hot water)
I got em from Blazing Star Wildflower Seed company. Out of Aberdeen, SK. I'd like to order more, they have all kinds of wildflowers!
My goal is to get my back yard 1/2 in native plants this summer.

My favorite, Johnny Jump ups. They used to grow all over our farm, growing up.

I swear that I was watching and trying to avoid this,
but she had to test it out...

She's not sure what she thinks.

got er done!

is it ever nice to dig in the dirt again!



Emily said...

Dear Erin, so lovely to meet you, thank you for visiting my blog- wow, I feel I know you- all the things you are doing are all the things I'm doing across the other side of the world!! And your seed planting sounds very like mine... including the soil eating...!!! Id sign up as pen pal, but I do't think I'd have time :( but for the moment, I'd love to keep in contact via these blogs- have just added you to my RSS feed! Oh, and more willow pics to follow (once it stops raining... grrrr) X

Amanda said...

I love seeing seeds and dirt this time of year. It makes me so excited for summer! It looks like your little one is enjoying it too. Very cute! Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Kim said...

Erin, I love this! And I love Addie, so sooooo cute - those eyes and those little ears! She's so lucky to have you for a mom. You, my dear, are a sunshine one. (This is my first time commenting on a blog. I really like your title.) I miss you and love you too.

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