April 18, 2011

spring into prarie

oh hi.
its been a while!
we were on a bit of a spring tour...
Visiting family,friends and the farm (the one i grew up on)

It was a fantastic trip.
Driving around Saskatchewan during spring melt allowed us the observation of plenty of goosey gander pairs, water flowing - and NOT flowing, snow melting and falling.

Meanwhile, back in our own town- a "state of emergency" for the flooding!
People were evacuated from their homes. basements full of water.
We are grateful for the dry basement.
If water came anywhere near our cracked foundation - we'd be in trouble.

aanyhoo, here was a nice prairie walk one day. Attie in the Jack Wolfskin.

Here is a field planted to winter wheat.
They plant it in the falltime so it comes up first thing in the spring.

And what a surprise I find in a ditch puddle pond,
a whole community of slugs in their shells!

and one floating on the top with his mouth wide open!

little A had both her naps in the wolfskin this day.

and off they went

I was really thinking on a century ago when this land was filled with farms - a family on every quarter section. When you had to walk to school, or to visit friends and family.
When you would meet someone on this road ON FOOT,or on a horse!!
The youngins runnin all around in the fields chasing gophers

What a whimsical vision that is. I'd give anything to behold it.


Emily said...

Completely fascinating... I've been checking out where Saskatchewan is on Google earth (I have to admit, I had never heard of it until I started reading your blog...), and finding some fascinating facts like it is the warmest & sunniest Canadian province!! (great for your garden!) I'd love to have seen it a hundred years ago too, sounds very like rural Ireland...

erinleee said...

great for gardens and solar/wind power! (its crazily windy too) but people aren't yet monopolizing on this energy yet... welcome to saskatch!

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