May 2, 2011

election day and a bonnet.

Lookit these jokers! I like the short, balding one the best.

Election day in Canada. Well its election night now and the damage is done.
I am NOT a fan of Stephanie Harper.
He's got no interest in the arts, social programs, the earth's state
or anyone who makes less than $10,000 per year.
But here we go - majority government.

The really awesome thing that happened this time around is that NDP is the opposition party!
I never expected this to happen in a million years!! It gives me hope for the future.

(should have posted this before...)
I love Rick Mercer.

It felt good to vote today.

Here is a good rundown of the elections results - an interactive map

On another note, here is a bonnet that I made little A:

it turned out just like something from 1876!

I'm very glad she will wear it. She's way too cute in it though...

we're loving the warm weather.


Emily said...

That bonnet is just so cute!! And the dress!!!!!!! Hope your May is filled with warm sunshine!

erinleee said...

thanks emily! happy, sunny may to you too! we finally have warm weather!! how lovely it is.

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