June 19, 2011

Gratitude Sunday

{Sunday's heartfelt tradition. A time to slow down, to reflect, to be grateful. A list of gratitudes.}

~ i am grateful for all the wildflowers and little critters we hung out with today on our bike adventure.

well, it being father's day:

today I am grateful for my Daughter's dad. He is such a wonderful father. Attie gets so excited when he comes home from work and I can see in his face the huge love he has for her. I couldn't ask for more. He's sweet and I am blessed to have him to play mom and dad with!

I am grateful for my own dear dad.
He was a single parent to us for many years. Only now am I realizing that although we had such a great time growing up on the farm, it was very stressful and hard for him.
For a grain farmer, there are certain times when you have to work early morning till well into the night for weeks/months at a time. Then there's the massive input costs which to get back is completely in the weather's hands...
Some days must have been really hard, but he woke us up every morning SINGING!!
He has taught me kindness and generosity.
Taught me -through example, how to work and not see it as a bad thing.
He's smart fellow and I feel blessed to have him as a father.

(my niece and her grampa)

i am also grateful for:

~ friends who are there for you in times of need. Like when your basement's flooding, you're alone with the kid and you aren't really sure where/ what? a sump pump? how? Then they just jump in and its all better!

~ my new sump pump and all the hard work it's been doing the last few days!

~ a freshly opened jar of low bush cranberry chutney made by a Yukonner friend. Those cranberries take me right back to Dawson City... how I miss it and everyone.
How I miss the cranberries.

~ for the beginning of a 2 weeks of yoga that friends and I decided to embark upon! It was a good first day.

(do YOU want to join in?!)

~ the fact that my camera is not in need of a doctor after all. It was just some setting I must have bumped accidentally!

~ the Documentary, Sisters in the Wilderness. and all the strong pioneer women who came before me. They remind me what people are capable of, what I am capable of.

~ also, after watching that documentary, I was motivated to FINALLY make soap! A project that has been waiting since deep in the winter.

~ having the interest, want and motivation to cook wholesome meals from scratch. On some seemingly long days it can seem like quite the task, but fully worth the time. Its an art!

~Chali 2na. This morning, he helped me clean my kitchen which was a disaster from the night before! Da beats are really good for this type sityeation.

~ BIG time grateful for my bike set up that I scored at a garage sale for 6 dollars. Attie and i have a brand new freedom! We go biking every day.

~although certain times I have a hard time with how much time I spend here, I am grateful for the internet. It is an endless resource and allowed connections to people from all over this world! HI!

~Taryn from Wooly Moss Roots for creating Gratitude Sunday!

what are you grateful for?
feel free to leave a link to your blog post or just list a couple in the comments!

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Taryn Kae Wilson said...

Love your list, it made me smile!! Thanks for joining.

Oh yes, and I loved your list last week too!

Love to you,

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