June 29, 2011

hot day, find water.

Wow. it was so hot today! I think it got to about +35C!! Nice.
Thought I should utilize tha sun and made some solar tea,
and did it ever get hot!
Then refrigerated it to have iced solar tea.
yummm. sun infused water!

The doggies, being black, were just loosin it in the heat. So We loaded up in Grampa's camper van (my new summer vehicle) and went to the "Dam" after supper.

Whenever the camper is there, it feels like Grampa is there. I love it!

When we got there, there was a man who had of all things, a TURTLE!!
He found it in the Grass and was putting it back near the water!
I assumed that someone must have let their unwanted pet turtle out here and he said, nope, Saskatchewan has turtles! I can't even believe it.
But I DID see it, so I must believe.
suppose I should've got a picture??

There was a neat design left by the high water...

Attie found some nice wild Vetch.

and dirt of course.

It was gettin to be night time and she had a relaxing walk in the Ergo baby carrier before bed.
Did I ever mention how much I love this carrier?
Well, I love it. I'd recommend it for any age.

and now its raining which pleases me cuz the garden's getting a good soak.


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