June 3, 2011

felting with baby

the little one was playing with my batting while i was felting so
I asked her if she wanted to do some wet felting.

and yep she did...

she made some neat little balled up knobbies.

while I was working on carrots.
one carrot was wet felted and the other was sewn with felted tops.

Speaking of carrots,
the carrot seeds I have planted are not coming up for some reason...
maybe its too much wet and not enuf warm?

So I did a second planting.
maybe there will be a whole bunch of thinning carrot sprouts to eat!


karen said...

aww how cute your little wet felter:) I love the carrots you made too

Amanda Pedro said...

cute to see her so into it!
Carrot seeds take a little longer to sprout. The package I had said to plant some radish seeds at the same time as it sprouts a little earlier and you can see where you planted the carrots and that the radish seed helps to break up the soil a little more. Did you plant them in well packed soil?
good luck. I'm learning a lit by planting with my husband's aunt. Little tricks a long the way.

erinleee said...

thanks karen! the carrots are a good toy.

erinleee said...

amanda, most of the carrot seeds have finally sprouted. that is a good tip about the radishes cuz i know they come up really quick. now as your husband's aunt about why my cucumber seeds aren't up!!

Possum said...

Love the carrots and the little helper! Melinda (Opining Opossum)

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