September 28, 2011

olden day dreaming plus a great series


I spotted this beaut of an old shack on my travels.
It was some family's home no doubt... 

Its made of hand hewn logs and a home made concrete! 

Is it that simple?

you can see the axe marks from 
when they were hewing the logs by hand

 This is what they saw when they walked out of their home! 

(kinda-probably more trees back then...)

Pretty river view.

I would give anything to see what the world was like back when this house was built!

What people were like. 

what their conversations were about. 
putting food by?
wood cutting?

what did they do for fun? 
go on walks? 
have picnics?  
play cards? 

I can't help but feel that the olden way is the best way - although i know that is not the case for many things such as racism, sexism...  It just seems that people were friendlier back then?  

The main thing I long for from the past is the strong communities that the times built. 

You HAD to be good to your neighbor because you needed them and they needed you.
 (we still really need each other)
It was all about survival. 

that's what I miss about a time I never 

who walked through that door daily...

This is a really neat series they filmed in Manitoba where 2 couples were put on some land in with limited resources (a cow, a couple horses, an axe, coffee...), had to wear and  use gear from the 1900's, no power or running water, no phones or tvs...
  and had to live for a year!  
That includes building a house and barn!
I'd LOVE to do this.
my heart is pumping just thinking about it...


YukonTara said...

That IS a beaut of an old shack!

I agree with you about those times being so appealing...even though daily life required a lot more work, it seems like a much simpler time...and while I'm grateful for modern conveniences like the internet allowing us to feel a part of a community in a different sort of way, I do sometimes wish this wasn't necessary, and that we could all just relate to each other on a face-to-face (not facebook-to-facebook!) level.

erinleee said...

yes, Tara! I think about that lots too. technology style "social networking" versus seeing people's facial expressions and feeling their energy when talking to them. however, I have technology to thank for my connection with you these days! we are lucky that we get to have the best of both worlds... YOU especially - with your dreamy bush home... and with your new beauty babe! :0)

Madeleine @ NZ Ecochick said...

Wow so amazing. Am loving your blog.

erin said...

thanks Madeleine! and welcome :0)

Dawson Willsey said...

Hi Erin! I see this is a bit in the past, but I just saw it today! That cabin looks like the kinds of places and materials that the natural builders around here (like us) are working with. Where is it? Hewing logs is serious hard but gratifying work. And relatively easy...

That mud looks really like cob in the pics! The fact that it is still there, exposed, says it probably has lime in it. But AMAZING that clay and sand and straw, maybe some lime, probably all made right there, still standing after all these years!

And you are one of the only other people that I know who knows of Pioneer Quest! such a great show. I actually stopped in on the farm stead before it was moved to a museum.

Gotta love yer neighbour!! Thanks for this :)

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