October 12, 2011

how to make a DOLL'S shirt from adult t-shirt

 Attie has found a new best friend... Murial Moss "went on a vacation" (who knows where)                 

                so , Here's Bubbles!

problem is, Bubbles had no shirt. 

so I made a quick shirt for her out of old t-shirts.  Tee shirt material is good because it is stretchy.
Most of Attie's dolls have huge heads and bodies to fit the shirt over, 
so stretchy is better than bustin' stitches when putting on and taking off!

Here's how:  

Find the part of the shirt that you like the most for the main body of the shirt.

Cut out two identical pieces this shape. 
Estimate the size, or cut big at first and use the doll to correct the size.

 I sewed a little patch on the back of the shirt (right)

 Right sides together, sew the sides of the shirt.

cut out sleeves from another part of the shirt.  
Use a part where there is a fold, like the top of the sleeve or the side of the shirt

Sew the bottom of the sleeve, right sides together.

 Sew sleeves on starting from the arm pit up... and back around

 Sew the other one on.
Here's what you might have now, inside out.

I re-inforced the top of the sleeves with some back n forth sewing action.

 et, Voila.

Now try it on the doll and HOPe it fits!! 



then take her for a walk... says Attie.

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