November 23, 2012

Ode to my girl, Freedom

Its been a year.

10 years ago, I met one of my best friends. 
 She came all the way up to the Yukon from Georgia.

Although her previous best friend loved her so,
life made it that he felt she had to go live with someone else...

He asked me if I'd adopt her cus me and her were already buddies.

 Without a thought, I agreed.
She was a special girl, I knew right away.  

With her buddies: 

 Everywhere I went, she was with me.
Up North, West coast, Prairies, in restaurants, cars, couches, moving from home to home,

...she was the one constant.

She was my princess.

rip pin around with mom.

The strange sleeping/sitting positions this dog had:

she'd get almost right under that pot bellied wood stove!!  loved heat.

here she's imitating how humans sit on couches

aaaah yes, feet up, life's a beach!

I miss this kid.

She died in mid November 2011

Snowy Owl:

The night she was dying, during the little sleep that I did get, I dreamed of a snowy owl.   It was a friend.  It was MAGESTIC, beautyful and a little bit scary. One of those dreams that feels SO real that you can smell and feel everything even after you wake up, you feel like you were truly there.

She's buried in the hills, on the edge of a tiny poplar forest.  

As Kieth dropped his tractor's bucket to dig the hole for her in the most calm, serene spot
in the hills of southern Saskatchewan, 
a great snowy owl stretched its wings and slowy, majestically flew away from its home 
directly above the spot.

He turned to ask me if that spot would do...

yes, it would.

Love you, my girl. 


Tara said...

Oh, Erin. What a beautiful tribute to your girl. You were both so lucky to have found each other.

erin said...

Thanx Tara! I agree.

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