February 23, 2012

seed cataloging

I think maybe I've logged 5 hours into this baby already!  Familiarizing myself with heirloom vegetables. Reading all the mouthwatering descriptions of what they'll taste like.  Tonight I was on their online catalogue so I could see what everything looked like too!

some of the tomatoes were just astounding.  crazy lookin things...

 Black Calabash




There's 20 pages of tomatoes... but somehow it managed to keep my interest!!

Heritage Harvest Seed company, out of Carman, Manitoba.

 The Seeds of Diversity claims they "One of the best selections of rare heirloom seed in North America! Over 600 hard to find heirloom vegetables, flowers and herbs. "
After looking at other seed companies, I think their close to right!   These guys have it all covered.

The Seeds of Diversity is a Canadian organization all about seed conservation and documentation.  There are 1400 members who save seeds and pay a small membership.  In turn, having access to samples of over 2900 seed and plant varieties from other members!  I think I'll join up.  Sounds kinda up my alley! 

I am hosting a Seed Talk and Swap at the Radville Library on March 6th, If you live anywhere near, be sure to come out!

I'm going to plant some wild and wierd heirlooms this summer!
What a world.   Saving seeds is where its at.

Where do you get your seeds from??

Have you found some favorite, special heirloom varieties?

1 comment:

Melissa said...

Thanks for those links! We just moved and have a blank slate of a yard to start our new garden.

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