July 25, 2012

Bread & Butter Pickles with HONEY!


 The garden exploded with glorious cucumbers!
Mostly marketmore, but a few little heirloom miniature whites.
...Calendula buds too.

So that means pickle time

Around here, we really like the sweet bread and butter pickles. 
The usual pickle recipe I go by is my auntie Bernie's Refrigerator pickles
I have little space in my fridge tho, so we go for canning this time!

Found a really great recipe that uses HONEY instead of sugar!!
So good,
as there is a lot of sweet in these babies.

 ~ pretty pickles ~

...listening for that pop, pop, pop  sound that brings joy to your heart...

Here be the recipe 

Taken from this lovely old wonder found at a garage sale. 
not sure when it was published but my guess would be 1973!
Its a great local foods cookbook with all kinds of DIY food type information,
like make your own cheese, yogurt, saskatoon wine,...  

 Here's one of the best pages in the book:

Are you putting any garden foods by right now??

~ Peace, love and pickles to all ~

1 comment:

karen said...

mmm pickles! I like the dedication in your cook book, it looks like a good find

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