July 21, 2012

Swimming pool - just what we needed.

These days its been hovering around +32 ish.  Too hot to enjoy outside.  

That is unless you are chilling in a pool!!

I am 38 weeks preggers now!  Which means any day babe will come.

I enjoy shade, feet chilling in pools and just hanging out with Attie - watching her run to and fro.

I don't enjoy craaazy hotness.

Atlin enjoys fresh garden cucumbers and peas!
Thank goodness cuz there are soo many! 

Chow down, little.


hydro therapy.

.... and then I find her in the rain catcher tub!

I've been chilling out without modivation or energy to do much of anything these days! 
This includes blogging.  

I'm just a half-assed blogger!  
making peace with it.

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