September 23, 2012

canning roasted tomato paste or pizza sauce

Gnarly, tasty Brandywines!

Here's the process in photos:


(Getting bubbles out)

Use a very clean rag, make sure top is clean.

Process in boiling water for 40 minutes

any questions?  :0)

Okay, the answer is:

Pizza sauce / sweet tomato paste:

1) Put raw tomatoes into a large pot of boiling water for about 3 minutes, or until skins start to crack
2) Take em out and place in a big bowl of cold water. Then slip the skins off and allow to drain.
3) place on a cookie sheet with some peeled cloves of garlic and in the oven @450 for 30 min
4) Place in blender with:  Oregano, salt and Dates (these makes the sauce).
5) For canning or to reduce further, place in a pot on medium, cook until desired thickness.

I have no measurements, sorry! Use your judgement. Approximately one date per 1/2 pint.

This is a VERY tasty pizza sauce!  Fridays are going to be pizza night here because of this...  

Here is a good post about what to do with all the tomatoes that we can find ourselves with
at this time of year...

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