October 16, 2012

wild fox barkings...

 Lots going on around here.
Life with 2 kiddos is busy!

There's always a diaper to change or a mouth to feed.  Food to prepare, toys to trip over.
Fortunately there are also books to read, babies to cuddle and glorious Calendula Salve to make!

 I enjoy this baby...

She's gettin smiley and cooing these days!

I dug up most of the rest of my carrots and found this BRUTE!
She made a lot of juice.
I'm leaving some carrots in the ground with a massive leaf pile on top in hopes (as an experiment) that they will sprout again after a winter in the ground!  
Its the seeds I'm after.

I'm grateful for the big sister being so lovey to the baby.  She's a gentle soul.
Attie's begun storytelling!  Its so damn cute. 
She's got some pretty awesome new words and phrases that keep me laughin!

Then there's the sage tea I had to drink because my (Ava's) milk was OVERflowing. En Gorged.
My sister used this tea while nursing both of her babies. 
Poor girl got plugged milk ducts often, possibly as a result of too much milk.

SAGE tea works!
but be careful, cuz it does work.  
I only drank this pint and the next day was relieved of my hard lumpys.


Love and light to you. 

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