November 9, 2012

prepping Salves & teas for trade show

Exciting news!!

I am doing a big trade show!!  
BIg for me, anyways.  
More expensive tables and lots of traffic!!

I am so pumped to actually SELL stuff this time.

I did a trade show last weekend in a tiny little town called Lake Alma, 
which the 35 residents call L.A.

sold a few things, but more importantly, I got most of my stuff ready for the upcoming shows.
And had a fun day visiting and trading!

Here's the Tea lid stamps.
potato stamps worked well last year, so I'm not gonna change it!

 ready for market

 Stickering stickering


Here's the colorful tea.
Its healthy, yummy and refreshing too!

The consistency is better this batch.  I know how much beeswax to use now!
Its tricky to get it right.

I am so happy with how the stickers turned out!!  
Got them done at the local newspaper.

New this year is a Herbal Vapor rub!  
Eucalyptus,  wintergreen, spearmint... things like that -

And enough oils to have that cooling, soothing effect.

 Stickering is the fun part.

As are all the other parts.

More prepping posts to come!!

1 comment:

Tara said...

WOW! You have been one busy Mama! Everything looks awesome, so professional. Good luck at the trade show!

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