March 19, 2013

paper pot planting & Seedy Saturday!

I think I like this little paper pot maker I bought at a seedy Saturday!

Main reasons for this are to get away from plastic and the troubles that come from re-using plastic 6packs (like disease and fungus.)
although I will use some this year anyways

Attie liked it it too at first!

Her teeny tiny attention span could only make it through about 3 pots...  then she ends up going on a tangent

She was just glueing bits of newspaper with the Oatmeal Glue paint.

Having so much fun.

Being creative.

Then she says:

"i'm going to Fridge it"


she "Fridges" things.

Going through seeds to decide which to plant first.

I got my seeds from Seedy saturday in Regina!  (I bought from Prairie Garden Seeds and Heritage Harvest Seeds

What a great day THAT was.  We had a good time. Attie played in the children's spot - which was completely hands ON.  the theme was "touch everything"  - which for kids is the only interesting option.  paint, plant, play with dirt and plants...

and I got to wander in and out of like- minded, organic gardeney type folks, frantically gathering seed for this year's abundance!

Stories and enthusiasm bounced from one bright eye'd, winter worn prairie person to another. 

After what I had been through the weeks and months prior to March 9th,  It was like the first piece of sun I felt cutting through my skin,cuting thru to my bones.

Feelings were:  hopeful and warm-hearted.

 So, I used a mix of :  20% compost : 40% peat : 40% vermiculite

the first batch had some little weeds who didn't get cooked in the compost last summer.

so I cooked (sterilized)  the compost this time.  at 200 c for 30 mins, just like the internet said to do.
covered it with cardboard.

Sterilizing compost

... So I'll let you know how that worked.

 and Ava crawls.  also she is standing up on things!!  waaaahahaha she's growing fast.

 helping momma fill the pots with soil

Then her little creative and easily distracted tendencies drew her to the doggie dish. 

and mud making.

a few days later....

"...the difference between
the sprout and the bean
it is a golden ring
it is a twisted string..."

-Joanna Newsom  

1 comment:

Tara said...

That paper-pot maker looks awesome! Sounds like Seedy Saturday was great. I think we've got one coming up here, too.

I'm excited to start some seeds but we've got to make a short trip to Vancouver at the start of April, and I don't want to leave those tender li'l things with a housesitter, so I'm waiting until we're back.

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