June 27, 2013

I think THIS and THat about this and that...

 I guess this will just be in point form cuz I don't know where to begin - its been too long
I'm not giving up blogging, however neglectful I get!

- Littlest A is standing up by herself!
- she's 10 months
- she'll walk soon

-  too much has been happening.  too much of it not being what I'd planned
-  I am growing in self awareness.
-  Trying to live simply, focus on abundance but not be controlled by want for it

- this year I have about 13 different varieties of Tomatoes growing!
- from black cherrys to grays sweet to cherokee purple to indian stripe... Brandywine and romas...
- my greenhouse is seriously producing things every day.  

- starting to get fruits on the tomato plants!

- My garden this year is all fun!
- Its a mini Mandala (circle) garden!  a series of Keyhole gardens

- and then plants stuffed in every open space too!
- these photos can not describe the thing for how it feels to stand inside...
- but you may get the idea

- this year I mulched the heck out of the garden, dont want weeds and dont wanna water
- lots of mulching with sawdust
-got a big load of half rotten straw from a friend farming family

- I got a job.  Doing Carpentry! building a new hospital in this town
- I can not start the job until I get a drug test confirmed
- I have take TWO tests (requiring a 1.5 hour drive to the city to pee in a cup)
- BOTH tests were "diluted"
- so I can not start work.
- now I need a frickin doctor's note which takes 2 weeks to get into... wow.

- its ever so challenging because money is TIGHT at the moment

HAhaha, this is me in 2009 when I used to be a carpenter type worker!!  before children... and in the mountains...

- but in a way its ok, cus I am enjoying my kiddos more than ever right now.
- this is my affirmation I keep saying daily, trying to believe it:

"I am open and receptive to ALL the good and abundance in the universe! 
 THANK you, life!"

- I have Louise Hay to thank for that one :0)
Helping with the rhubarb cake!  She's ACTUALLY a good helper! already...

- two happy bonneted kids! (one being bitten by a mosquito)
- they take every possible chance to be naked...
- especially in the yard...  and by rivers..  and inside houses.

- my future seems uncertain although we do have big plans for the next couple years.

- one certainty is this:
I will always be on the right path.

...If I choose to believe that I am.
and yes, it IS that simple.

- me in my mid- 20's

- my heart aches for what I used to be and where I used to be. 
- the Yukon in particular.  I had planned to be there right now. 
- although I know that where I am is just as significant to my growth as a beam of light on this planet

- our home, our garden, our small town, our little flat province, our family, our friends : these are growing happy content kids.  

- when I chose to be content and happy with what I have, I truly am.

-If you are wondering what the hell's the somber back story about, that will come later...  when the time's right to share it.

Beet juice smiles
- we are doing the best we can with what we have.  Despite all the shit, I think its pretty good!
- i am grateful for my family.
- and Xavier Rudd.
- and banana ice cream.

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Tara said...

Oh, Erin. It sounds like you have a lot going on in your life right now. But your message is simple and powerful, and it seems like you are finding happiness on your path.

Your kiddos and your garden are both beautiful!


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