July 11, 2014

a year in pictures..

its been a while.
i wanna blog again, not sure where to start or how to explain the last year, so heres some pix!


 winter friends!  
Attie out at her best buds farm

 Winter was cold as hell, a few almost good days to play out...

  Mama's got new wheels!
my Christmas gift to myself for gettin thru shit!

Attie takes Ava on kicksled rides!

 This new friend warmed the winter up for us all  ;)

Trips all over the province rejuvenate my adventurous spirit, 
and at the same time remind me why I love my small town!
Me and little A on a Saskatoon walk

Family winter jam in a barn loft!
my paw's birthday party

Attie turned four in February!
acting like a grown up girlie!!
"its my birthday, i'm allowed to eat icing right off the cake.." 

 and then things started to melt and warm
watching rivers running set my mind free 

My little Spring pixie on a crisp April walk


 babes baking some brownie balls!

Took a lovely little trip to the mountains 
 Fernie, BC
needed to feel clear fresh creeks and smell mountain air.

planting seeds with my great gal pal

 planted too many seeds!
needed to put up greenhouse again ;)

the day we got this old canoe on the water was a glorious one

this hospital.
spent my winter inside watching bare framed walls get filled with plumbing and electrical, 
then drywall paint, millork, flooring...

it turned into a real nice place!
and i am done spending time in there now!

I quit my job! (well, got laid off...)
I am a free womyn!

and now i get to hang out with my kids!
and make soap n stuff

made my first batch of soap in a year!

my big girl hangin with at the chickens who's eggs we eat!

picnics at the Trossachs dam

and hikes
this is my favorite place around here!

Trossachs dam

now its full summer and beach days.
the smell and feel of this beach (Good spirit,SK)
reminds me of my childhood

lil bubba growing in the garden

big sister really starting to understand what the garden does...
managing her "strasberry" patch very nicely!


 I have no idea where the hell this adventurous road is going...

however, its fun and hard and great.


"it will be okay in the end
and if its not?
then its not the end!"


karen said...

It's nice to see what you have all been up to, looks like a good year :)

Tara said...

Hi Erin! I'm so happy to see you back. Your girls are getting big!


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