March 19, 2011

Cloth Diapers are cute.

oh my goodness. I just got the cutest diaper cover!!
It is Weehuggers.
I ordered it from Caterpillar baby.

It has snaps to change the size so it should last till she's done with diapers
its rated for 15-35lbs...

that is FAR too cute.

also got another thirsties duo wrap cover.
I really like this cover, works well and grows with the baby(same as the weehuggers one)... and cute!
Its a nice bonus that the company is very conscious about lowering their carbon footprint.

"Our goal of becoming Carbon Neutral is well underway! We have installed a behemoth of a solar panel array, with a configuration that at full-capacity will produce enough electricity to cover more than all of the business' needs-11 clean, sustainable, photovoltaic Kilowatts. This equates to a total CO2 reduction of 200 tons, as if we are planting over 7700 trees! "

little A, havin a good chuckle in Thirsties:

Mother-ease is also a favorite. Old faithful. their Canadian facility has been "powered with 100% green power since 2007". We have some bamboo fitteds and these are the covers:

We use mostly kissaluvs fitteds. I got a whole stack of them in EUC (excellent used condition)...
mother-ease is very similar to these.

I have also found various used flannel, bamboo and cotton fitted diapers. Some home made, some are Kushies, some are about 20 years old! But they all work...

The only problem is keeping the smell down by stripping them. They get a soap build up and you have to rinse them in really hot water.

I can not wait until I have my new clothes line up (and the summer sun comes out) so that I can hang them outside. Not sure why, but the sun takes the stains out of the diapers!! its the only thing that truly works.

I love cloth diapering. It feels really good each time I put a diaper on her.

I do not want to be responsible for all the non-biodegradable diapers we would be throwing in the landfill to stick around for hundreds of years. Not to mention all the chemicals and resources it takes to produce them, going into the air and water supply. Then there's the smell of a garbage can full of poo-pee diapers! My cloth diaper pail doesn't smell much when closed.

If you use cloth wipes with a wipe solution with essential oils in it, the whole baby room smells nice!

check out my recipe for wipes solution.

Having said that, we do use a disposable at night time. I'll only buy responsi-sposies though. like Seventh generation, Nature Babycare, Broody Chick (new), PC green (the least environmentally responsible but the cheapest and most readily available).

this blog, Northern Baby, has really good responsible disposables reviews and info.

cloth is cute!

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