March 17, 2011

spring cleanse for breastfeeders or pregnant ladies

I've decided to do a little cleanse.
Spring usually brings me into a little cleanse.
Usually I do Stanley Burroughs master cleanse .

I think it is very important to keep on top of all the toxins in your body. For one thing, when your body can not figure out what this thing is (toxins) it just files it away in fat cells. and for another thing - more importantly - those toxins are what I believe to cause cancer and all sorts of other diseases. I don't want diseases.

But this spring, since I am breastfeeding, it can't be too intrusive because "they say" that possibly the toxins you release could go into the breast milk... I have this herbal detoxing kit, by Holista and was planning on taking this cleanse. Until I read on it that breast feeding/pregnant women should not partake. so I even called the questions/comments # and had a little chat with the guy. I decided to save the kit for later.

so, these are my made up rules for breastfeeding/preggers cleansing:

1) No Dairy
2) No Meat (except fish)
3) No refined sugar (i will use agave, maple syrup, and honey)
4) No White flour.

that leaves actually quite a bit to work with.

Today I made some muffins that featured cauliflower, agave nectar and loads of good flours that weren't wheat.
Made some yummy Borsht (a recipe from my great grandma Erikson)
Had a lovely supper of Zuchinni baked in tomato sauce, homemade felafels, brown rice, and salad.
totally do-able.
the "NO" list kind of makes a person wonder, what WIll I eat?
so this is the yes list:

1) grains like oats, quinoa, millet, brown rice
2) flours like Spelt, buckwheat, rice,
3) as many fruits and vegetables as I can stuff in my body (the more raw the better)
4) soy,rice,almond milks
5) nourishing teas like nettle + raspberry leaf + oat straw + mint
6) a big ol' cup of Stanley Burroughs master cleanse each day
(maple syrup + lemon juice + cayanne +water)
7) soups
8) water water water water.... times 8-10
9) all kindsa things!

its almost not even that hard because i have all these things on hand.
I should almost make these changes permanently!!

speaking of that, basically, its what the book Skinny Bitch talks about.

I love this book! Its hilarious and very inspiring!
For one thing, there is a chapter called "pooping".
They are talking to you like you are everyday good friends.

Their ideas on foods, which ones we should be eating and which ones to avoid are pretty close to mine... however not all. The book promotes good whole grains and good sweeteners, bashes the hell out of refined sugar and white flour, and aspartame!

And then, they are also Vegan. I went through a vegan phase years ago and I do think it could possibly be the healthiest human diet.. BUT. (and this is what I don't agree with in the book)
those "fake meats" and over-processed, processed soy products can't be good for us.
A healthy Vegan is one who eats tonnes of beans, veggies and grains, not fake meats.

here's some quotes from the book:

..."first thing you need to do is give up your gross vices. Don't act surprised! you can not keep eating the same shit and expect to get skinny. Or smoke. So don't even try some pathetic excuse like, "but if I quit smoking, I'll gain weight". No one wants to hear it. Cigarettes are for losers. They are so 1989 and totally uncool......its no wonder you eat shit and garbage. Smoking's out"...

..."and habitual drinking equals fat-pig syndrome. Beer is for frat boys, not skinny bitches. It makes you fat, bloated and farty..."

yep. that kinda talk is just what I needed to get me motivated! I like it.

so, anyone with me on the cleansing??? ;0)

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