March 15, 2011

make a shirt into nursing shirt.

I attempted a nursing shirt...

wanted to make one that a person would actually wear and not end up looking like a tent frame.
first i needed some inspiration

Here's Jan Andrea's idea of repurposing 2 shirts and turning them into one nursing shirt:

Megan Neilsen design diary has simple solution: her no sew nursing top.

I stumbled upon these awesome nursing shirts by Momzelle! they are really reasonable. Very nice actually. This was kind of the idea I was aiming for...

so I took a black shirt hoodie and another huge black shirt.

measured the front of the hoodie

Of course, Attie and Murial were helping...

so cut out the front panel of the shirt,
pinned and sewed it on to the inside, around the edges.

cut two slits. which i decided to open up a bit...

although i do like the holes instead of the slits, they do not need to be this big.
(even if your "milk holders" are really big!)
next time I will make them about 3 inches higher.

however, the shirt turned out pretty useful and wearable.

One could do this to almost any shirt
just need that inside panel

cut about 4 inches from the bottom of each side so you can lift it up.
maybe a couple buttons on the bottom sides to keep it closed?

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