March 11, 2011

a tribute to 5 years of love

So many little details had to find their weird ways,
miles and morels, accidental meetings and emails,
wrong paths, wrecked trips that turned out to be so right,
that now lead you home to us every night.

Vancouver - March 2006

Canmore, AB - December 2006

Cambell River, BC - December 2007

PEI - 2008

Dawson, Yukon - November 2008

Now a little time apart
for some reflection and re-evaluation

and then in the end,
deciding on each other for REAL.

Stewart River (YT) trip - 2009

Atlin Music Fest - 2009

decided even on making another ?? yes!

and name her Atlin after our favorite Fest

Now we find ourselves here,
5 Years later and a kiddle.

but we've nothing to fear,

If were lost,

WE are all lost TOGETHER.

I love you, sweetness.
you make me a happy camper.


1 comment:

Whitney said...

this is beautiful, you two are absolutely beautiful people.
much love, w.

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