March 8, 2011

a spring gift

well, spring is coming
I'm convinced now, after that lovely sunshine walk out in the prairie today.
Still cold, but something in the way that sun was shinning down said its near.

So I've been dreaming about seeds and dirt!

Here is a gift I made last spring for a friend's housewarming party

A mini garden!

One use for Styrofoam egg cartons.
(we mostly take them back to the farmer to fill up again...
maybe using cardboard cartons would make more sense as they would
melt into the earth when done being seed holders)

fill it up with potting soil/dirt

get your seeds out

put two in each section

writing on the lid what the seed is while you plant!
its neat to see them all together to compare seeds.
they all look so different!
the calendula seeds look like little earrings.

I've no pics of the sprouted seeds, as I gave it away before sprouting...

yep - going to put in a seed order tomorrow.

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