May 9, 2011

making rivers of rainy days

Rain rain.
I don't mind you
at first I was enjoying my rainey day, inside projects,
then the kid and dogs were visibly bored of inside projects.
so we all got our outside gear on and went a walkin'

I sure like breaking leaf dams and making rivers with my boot...

It was a good day to have rubber boots on.

this little lake was in big need of a dam break. so I helped.

can't wait till Addie is into making rivers, all she does on walks now is sleep...

if only she knew the rivers we rode thru today!!

doggies havin a sip of mud creek.

As I walked home, noticing all the windows had tv's on in them, I was almost kind of wishing I had TV to watch after I got back home from my walk.

I could watch jepordy or something.

But then I realized that if I had a TV, we may not have even gone walking at all
and we wouldn't have rosey cheeks to show for it!

However, I sure DO wish I had rototilled and planted some of the
garden before all this nice moisture...

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