May 20, 2011

new quilt for attie

the saddest thing:

we left Attie's quilt in Jamaica!!
The one that i made for her while she was swimming in my belly.

It Breaks my heart to think about it. I hope it has found a sweet little Jamaican baby to comfort!

Here she is, 1 day old meeting her new quiltie.

and then at about 10 months:

so. with that, we say good bye tree quiltie.

and now its time to create a new one.

I found all the same fabric bits that I used for the first quilt... there was sweet little left.but I will be using every scrap.

I had saved this muskox print made by the same womyn who made the tree print for the last one. She is no longer in business so these are special bits of fabric!

I'm not sure she meant the muskox to be in a baby quilt!
Although I am sure she would approve!

That floral pattern will be for the backing. This is the same fabric as my duvet cover which she has gotten to know as her own quilt.

The new quilt will have the same patchwork binding as the first one...

just the beginnings.

it will have to wait for a rainey day now tho. There is too much GARdening to do right now!


karen said...

how sad that your daughters special quilt got lost:( luck you have some of the fabrics left so that the new one can be similar to her old one. The rug I made was crocheted too, id love to see yours that your making

K said...

Things like this happen - dear things lost. But you have done well, moving forward, and loving your babe, and making her new things. Special pieces of fabric - you have also done well to use them, not keep saving them forever as I have done. In the end - if it is dear, why not use it and have joy? The baby is beautiful. Thank you.

arianne said...

Beginnings are wonderful. I love that you craft as your baby grows.

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