May 26, 2011

fresh roots or where I have been..

Gardening is therapy for me.

I have been thinking on why it means so much to me these days.

After high school, I went traveling around Canada.
Although I spent the last 10 summers in the Yukon,
almost each winter was spent somewhere different...

so this resulted in moving EVERY spring and fall.
for about 13 years.
(This being my second spring without moving)
Of course the man I found was just as much of a nomad as I was!

It was a wonderful and wild time in my life. I learned so much about all types of things and met such amazing people. I obtained very little of material value and regret nothing.
but now I am very ready to rest my mossy feet. baby's do that to people!

So, when seeds are planted and get their roots into the soil,
my roots are also planted, consciously.

I am here for the season. at least.

(although, one summer I moved after planting and took my garden with me in containers...)

Tiny sprouts popping out of the soil are a reassurance and a comfort.
Everything will be okay here. the earth will provide us with what we need.

turned and sinking compost pile:
Nothing needs to be wasted, all things find their use.

the 3 sisters (corn, spaghetti squash and beans),
mulched and ready to grow:
our sisters /community help us grow and strengthen us.

still more to be transplanted: blossom where you are planted!
(but you could be moved and everything will still be okay.)

We have found a settled place.

roots are growing.

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