May 14, 2011

petal minty goodness tea

This is a tea blend I always have on hand:

including (clockwise) :
starting at the bottom
3 parts mint,
1 part oatstraw,
2 parts nettle,
1 part calendula,
and 1 part raspberry leaf.

they all have their purposes. It is a very healthful tea.

Chamomile is also nice for flavor as well as health.

this jar is on the stove for easy access.

then throw a couple tsp.'s of tea into the brewt
- one of the best tea making systems in the whole world.

The tea and hot water go in the top compartment.
then the brewed tea strains through a nylon filter
and pours out the bottom right into your mug!

attie reads the bug book to me while I fiddle about the kitchen making tea.

There's usually some left over-or more made for iced tea...

In a jar in the fridge with a bit of agave nectar (my new sweet love)

bubba geed loves to drink it, makes me smile cuz she's not hooked on juice!

tis refreshing



Lavada said...

I have rasberries, eat the berries but I have wasted the leaves. Thank you, Lavada (

erinleee said...

oooh yes, drink the leaf tea!
its loaded with vitamins (vitamin A, B, C and E, potassium, phosphorus and calcium) and good for the immune system. as well as being good for the menstrual time. and- more well known - tones the uterus before and after birth. also said to enrich breast milk.

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