May 15, 2011

sunday in the (future) garden or how to weed!

our garden space is nice here in our new house.
The woman who lived here last summer said there is good soil!
this is the week in the year where we get rid of the weeds
then add manure/compost and rototill that in.

but look what I found from last year's vounteer seeds!
some spinach plants! yay. I love spinach and now we can eat it that much sooner!

The strawberry plants that I brought from our last house
and planted here last fall are doing well

Attie was having a blast in this huge dirt sandbox!
Its going to be considerably harder to work with her around when there are plants growing...

a word on Weeding:

Everyone has their own method I have realized, but here is mine:

1. Loosen the soil under/around the weeds with a pitchfork or shovel

2. pick the whole weed including the whole root! otherwise it will just grow again...

3. I put the weeds on a blanket/tarp/whatever is around to dry out the root and KILL the thing!

I did the whole empty garden this morn! Awesome.
now to shovel the composted manure in and rototill... find a rototiller.
Then goes the mulch - Straw, grass, leaves... whatever I can find.
So the weeds don't have a chance!

I was thinking about the weeds and how that is the native plants here.
They did smell good.

There was a lot of dandelion, the root of which I am drying to make tea. - it is high in iron (so can help with anemia) and a liver tonic!
that makes so much sense in nature, as the dandelion is one of the first things to come up in spring when we all need a good detoxing.

after the novelty of endless dirt wore off,
this little one was so very interested in all the shoes growing in the garden...

SO glad for warmth and dirt!

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