May 7, 2011


Those seeds that we planted that day have turned into happy plants!
A big bean plant and lots of nice calendula.

Its neat to see what perennial history an old flower bed has. I was totally curious what, if anything, would pop up in the bed beside the house.
Day lillies and columbine!
I moved them around a bit. my neighbor was digging up her tulips, so I snatched em up!

In this bed, I dug out some of the soil and put many wheelbarrow loads of composted manure that I bought off a cattle farming friend. its black gold.
This bed will have mostly edible plants I think. Herbs. mint, basil, stevia, parsley, cilantro, chives. then spinach, sweet peas, sunflowers, beans, daisys, lettuce, calendula...
Can not wait to get it going.

Here is the first meager color showing from a flower!

it aint much yet, but it does my heart good to see these things have survived.


Mama Whimsy said...

You're way ahead of me. I always gave grand intentions for my garden, but rarely is it that grand. I'm now going to add Stevia to the herb garden. Thanks for that inspiration!

erinleee said...

Stevia is so fun to grow, special for kids too. the only herb you can pick a leaf, bite it and it is sweet!! I just bought a stevia seedling today. I did plant some but the seeds are sooo tiny, it seems like it could be years till they come up! if they do...

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