June 16, 2011

around the town farm thursdays

a big HEy Ho to Farmama for her Around the Farm Thursdays!
They have such an inspiring market garden farm!
the dream.

Until I have my farm, this town farm is going to teach me a lot!!

Its Brand new name is the Seedy Soil Gardens!

This year is my first year doing a very small
CSA (community supported agriculture) vegetable box.
The Garden Share box.

So, I've planted lots - although some days it seems I don't really have much... but. if I harvest things regularly and replant, there will be plenty for all!

I have planted Corn, spaghetti Squash, potatoes, beans and carrots in my neighbor's Huge garden space!

then this is the main garden area:

here's 1/4 of a square bed with tomatos, lettuce and broccoli (and its protector -oregano)

beets just newly ready for greens!

peas starting to climb!

Zuchinni getting its first babies!

Strawberries that I brought from our home last summer are doing excellent!

beans and cucumbers together. the Cukes will climb.

butternut squashes being guarded by the radishes!

Okay, then there's the Brassicas. Broccoli and Cabbage here:

In Saskatchewan there are so many "cabbage butterflies" and little beetles that I have been told not to bother planting any brassicas. Last summer I learned their wrath. they'll kill yer whole crop in one afternoon. so I have interplanted with lots of summer savory, oregano and sage... but the elders of the area say that you just have to powder them. (chemical) which I wont. instead, i am going to try these floating row covers

I have just learned that this problem is so intense here in the grains growing country because the same butterfly moths love canola, which is grown ALL over around here. So their populations are doing quite well in the summer.

After buying a whole wack of big transplants from a greenhouse, I needed to make a new little tomato garden bed, which I did last night while baby was sleepin'.

here the happy tomatoes are planted and mulched.

Tis the season of dirty cracked hands and stained black feet.
pulling out quack grass roots in the evening with the doves hoot hoot hooting away at me.
planting more seeds in the hot sun with the bees checking in.
its the simple joys!


what are you growing?


Shanon Hilton said...

Hello Fellow Farmama Follower, I just finished putting row covers over everything too. So canola is behind those little moths. I lost everything to them last year as well. I've learned a lot from your post today, thanks. --Shanon

helen said...

Isn't Farmama and her family great! Thank you for visiting my blog and I hope the lavender works for you too :~)
Your town farm looks great...that's a lot of different plants you have there. Good luck against the cabbage butterflies and the beetles. Happy growing. Helen :~)

erinleee said...

hey farmama follower friends! this is so great that we can all learn from eachother about gardening ways. peace!

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