June 15, 2011

a toddler dress from an adult shirt

my friend got some shirts made with her artwork on them.
I took one for myself and a couple extra to make our daughters some little sundresses!
(our babies are 2 months apart)

pretty simple.
I just copied a dress that fits her,
and it was 3 seams to sew up.
then i added a brown bottom strip.

this is far too cute.

here's Coral's dress!!

chamomile makes me smile.

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eidolons said...

You left a comment on my blog. I usually respond via email but I couldn't find an address for you.

We love the Monkey Snuggles diapers and have been using them for almost three years now. I bought a pair of longies and a soaker from her before I learned how to knit. If you ever need inexpensive shorties, I knit and (attempt to) sell them on my Etsy shop. I don't mean to be all "buy from me!" I just know how expensive woolens can be. I always wanted to use just wool for diaper covers but we couldn't afford it, hence my newfound knitting addiction. (:

Happily, my Beast's fever has finally broken. He's still being super cuddly, though - to the point that he doesn't want to be anywhere but my arms. I love it but it makes some tasks a bit difficult (like caring for the clingy toddler).

My swap package arrived yesterday. It's filled with so much great stuff! My boys have already wandered off with quite a bit of it and we've hung up some other pieces. I'd meant to take a picture of it all before it was scattered about the house. Oops. (:

I'm having a great time browsing your blog. Take care!

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