June 12, 2011

Gratitude Sunday.

{Sunday's heartfelt tradition. A time to slow down, to reflect, to be grateful. A list of gratitudes.}

and today I am greatful for the rain, and the shower that I just had under a pouring spout! I feel so fresh and cleansed. giving the green ones some drink and leaving the most wonderful scent behind.

I am also very grateful for the sun that we had for about 4 days in a row, allowing my seedlings to get some strength. I really see them growing now! so exciting.

I am eternally grateful for my baby girl. Our connection is getting even stronger as I watch her start to realize what is going on around her and learn how to do things. She reminds me that every little thing is filled with wonder - and to not take beauty for granted.

I am grateful for our little camping festival we had this weekend - the gathering of friends. Rejuvenating to spend time with a gaggle of good people, and strong, wonderful womyn. Its nice to wake up in our camper to see friends all around!

... for Stevie going back to work after almost 3 months without any income.

... for the time that we spent as a family while he was home. We came through it more connected.

... pens, paper and the fact that I have found this therapy for myself through journaling.

... the roof over our heads, this yard that is ours which we can do what we like with!

... my dad for calling me up today while we walked and sharing his good cheer! love.

... our walk out in the prairie with the doggies and baby in backpack. the farmer who planted the huge field of wheat that I "thinned" and planted in my garden!

... I am grateful for where my life has gone thus far allowing me insight into so many different ways of living. Especially the inspiration that comes from all the people who have graced my path, whether for a couple days or for the 31 yrs.

... grampa's camper van that we have all inherited. whenever we go somewhere in the van, gramma and grampa Nordin are there too. I am grateful to have come from such open-minded and good farmer folk.

... a HUGE breakthrough in an issue which has been hurting all of us 3 and nearly pulling us apart. The strength to take risks and test things out.

... all my neighbors who are so glad to give me all of their grass clippings so I can mulch and compost away!

... the VeRy exciting temperature of my compost heap today! STEAM RISING!! yaaa! Its got all it needs finally!

and last but not least:

...Taryn from Wooly Moss Roots for creating Gratitude Sunday! Its just the positivity I needed tonight. What fun!

What are you grateful for??

feel free to leave a link to your grateful post or just list a couple things in the comments!


Anonymous said...

hi erin lee, what a beauty of a blog/life you have ! i hope to be back many a visit..love love xx
ps. i am thankful for the wonderful smell of baking apples wafting thru my house...

erinleee said...

oh thanks you're sweet! happy apple pie?

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