August 17, 2011

we've been on the road

little attie and I and one big galute of a car.

We had a wedding to attend!
and grandparents to visit...

and endless blue skies to contemplate.

we passed thru a valley too deep and full of life to ignore

here in southern Saskatch, the Valleys are almost the only wild places left!
so we took advantage of the wildflowers.

a momma hawk above teaching their young to fly or how to assess human activity, wasn't sure.

grasshoppers a plenty. these ones looked just like butterflys when they jumped!

found some sweet grass

thanked these guys for filtering out all the crap that prairie humans dump in their water systems

flutterbies butering fly...

a soul refreshment.
a good break from the car!

we even made er to the wedding on time!

congrats Dana and Glenn!

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