September 21, 2011

grandma's borsht recipe!

 There's a time in the season where your garden gives you all the ingredients for Borsht!

My Grandmother, of Russian decent, has passed down THE recipe.
It is possibly my favorite recipe...
ANd here it is for you!
Its vegetarian and can easily be vegan as well by substituting.

Cabbage Borsht

 5-7 potatoes                         1 can stewed tomatoes
 5-10 carrots                          (or 5 medium sized tomatoes blended)
 1 onion                                 1 can chicken stock (or veggie)
 1/2 cabbage                          1-3 tbsp dill (fresh garden is BEST)
 3 tbsp butter                         1 cup of cream

Cut potatoes and carrots into bigger than bite sized pieces and boil in a large pot.    Chop cabbage and onion quite fine and fry in butter until browned.      Add tomatoes to frying pan.  Remove potatoes and carrots before they are too soft.     Mash/blend Half of the potatoes. Then mix everything together in the big pot.    Add the cream and Dill (fresh is the best!) Simmer for a while and then enjoy!

 Choppie chop!



Blending the potatoes with a bit of water and the boullion cube: 

 Freshest dill

Here's how I do my tomatoes:

then add to the cabbage and onions
(this step smells wonderful)


now blend all the ingredients.

finished product.  yum! 
with some nice whole grain bread and butter...

To make BEET borscht: 
-boil whole beets for 15 mins to remove skins
- grate
- add to soup in the final stages 
- bring to a boil and then simmer for at least 15 mins
-don't boil too long or they will loose their color!

(Listening to Lucinda Williams - Concrete and Barbwire)


Amanda said...

Making this for supper tonight! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I'm Polish and I've never heard about Barszcz without
Your grandmother's recipe looks more like a bigos. I love bigos, and I love barszcz. Actually I just freeze a few cups of barszcz because I made so much I didn't want to wast any of it and my husband (American) does not like that soup. So everytime I make it I make huge pot, freeze it, and eat it for a month :)
Your recipe is worth a try, anyway. thanks for sharing.
and thank you for stopping by my blog!

Shanon Hilton said...

Our Grandma's borscht sometimes contains potatoes too! Just depending on what she has on hand! Your recipe with the dill sounds yum! --S

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