September 24, 2011

How to save tomato seeds (and cucumber seeds)

 I have just noticed that it is full on AUTUMN! 
loving it. 
The gardening task for now is to save seeds for next year.

Ever wondered how to save tomato and cucumber seeds? 
Its not as simple as beans, peas or spinach. 
 Here's how:
Find a really ripe tomato.
 I get right in there with my hands!
(a more civilized way would include a knife to cut it in half and a scooper type utensil)
Get the seedy goop out of the tomato with your preferred method...

place the seeds in a cup or bowl with a couple tbsps of water,
cover loosely - allow a bit of air in.

Let this sit for 3-7 days in a warmish location (in a sunny windowsill). It needs to ferment!

When it has fermented, there will be a scummy layer on top. carefully remove this.

Rinse the seeds very well in a fine sieve.

lay them out on a screen/ board/ paper coffee filter... to dry.

Allow them 1-3 weeks to dry.

Now label and date your little envelope and store till spring!

I have a sister who has done this process a gazillion times at her work, so she filled me in on some of the details.

 Cucumbers go by the same fermenting process.
Let the cuke ripen fully on the vine. 
then let it ripen a bit more on the counter.

Let it sit for 3-5 days.

rinse really well with a sieve:

cuke seeds:

now dry them on a screen/ coffee filter/ board 
for about 3 weeks, until a seed will easily snap right in half.

store in an envelope, label and date, wait!

Mother Nature gives us SO many seeds within just one fruit.

It feels really good to take that gift and use it.
happy seed saving!

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YukonTara said...

erin, your gardening posts make me so excited to put a garden in here next spring!

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