October 4, 2011

art in old journal entries

Last night I took out all my old journals and began reading.
I have been journaling regularly for the last 15 yrs.  A lot of this is a time in my life where I was traveling and learning.  Finding out who I was in the way that was right for me. 

My journals are mixed media art.  There are all kinds of papers, poems, photos and art (by me and a lot of other people) pasted or taped on to the pages.
 there's  paint, pencil crayon, marker everywhere making it colorful.  
There's envelopes with keepsakes and photos in them...    
Most of them are home made journals from recycled paper and record covers.

I am so glad i had done this to the point where I have wanted to publish them somehow. Exactly as they are, with things popping out each page!

So, weekly, I am going to share little bits and bites from my past!     Mostly Art, quotes, and the odd journal entry.    It is probably as close to publishing as i am going to get!  

Here's my first clipping.
Its from 2005, when I was taking a carpentry pre-employment course and brainstorming of projects to build in class: 

The tea shelf made it to real life (as a spice rack)...

Do you journal?
I encourage YOU to share little bits from your past journals in the comments!  If you are moved to photograph them and post on your blog, leave a link!  I'd love to see how yours looks. 

Journal entries are like blog posts that you can hold in your hands!  

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