October 8, 2011

felting soap!

I have taken a table at the "Santa Claus Supermarket" craft fair/trade show here in town at the end of November.  These felted soaps will be for sale there, among other things.
Including my home made soap.

a colorful,wet, soapy, messy scene!

turns into scrumptious, lovely scented felted soaps!

  turning, smoothing, lathering the felt over the soap...
gave me a chance to just relax and meditate (and listen to Definitely Not the Opera on CBC radio)  in the center of my day, whilst Attie slept.

Then she woke up!
and wanted in the action, as per usual.

 The balls were definitely more felted after she played with em!


Glorious Creature.

such a colorful affair!

floral soapys

These aren't soap, they are little felted balls.
- Att was really into them, so I must make more!

one of them has bells in it.  


karen said...

your felted soaps and balls look so pretty and colourful! I look forward to seing what else you make for your market stall.
I enjoyed seing bits of your journals and love your spice rack! here are some pictures of some of my old journals- http://barefeetandafreespirit.blogspot.com/search/label/journals%2Fscrapbooking

erin said...

Thanks, I am also wondering what else I will end up making for the craft stall! I have loads of ideas and they are all slowly coming together... more later.
ps- aawesome journals!

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